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This is Next Level Energetic Healing.

Prepare for an incredible experience with Nexus Infinity. A completely new and revolutionary device that enables therapists around the world to realize their vision of health and well-being.

Welcome to the world of Nexus Infinity, an energetic pre-training and training method based on Bio Intelligence. Nexus Infinity stands for promoting health in all its ultra advanced simplicity. With countless trainings that are inspired by professionals for professionals.

Nexus Infinity has a pre-training, and offers tailor-made trainings via energetic therapy. Based on your own expertise you can fine tune your own programs for every unique customer. Also nice: as a professional you can quickly master the working of Nexus Infinity with the easiest to use interface in the industry.

We are ready for the future, you too?

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By professionals, for professionals.

Nexus Infinity is designed for therapists who need to train their clients without limitations and the freedom to customize and expand in ways never before possible in a energetic device. The Nexus Infinity delivers on this and more, whether it’s the the most user-friendly interface on the market, the build in Intelligence Scan or the continuously growing library of energetic trainings. Nexus Infinity gives you the tools and the freedom to train your clients in your own unique way.

How does the Nexus Infinity work?

  • Energetic Geointelligence SoundWaves, which by a specially designed algorithm
  • (7 years of development ) that transmits codes via a unique transport channel. The conversion of these signals is done with very fast processors and is routed to a Bluetooth channel for wireless transmission of unique codes.
  • Sending these codes to the NXI Amplifier is efficient and fast
  • The size of the codes is huge and demand a lot of data, to process this data correctly these codes end up in a D.A.C converter.
  • This D.A.C. ensures that all data is uncompressed and analogously converted to the NXI Amplifier.
  • Once arrived in the NXI Amplifier, these codes are transported to the main Amplifier.

7 years of development.

The Nexus Infinity hardware is a technological breakthrough 8 year off development.
that is as stunning as the software. Some of the hardware highlights:

  • NXI is portable, comes in a waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof case with a professional look.
  • Weight 8.8 kg
  • 3 independent electromagnets
  • E.W.G Energetic Wave Generator
  • PS 100 Prediction Software
  • M.C.L Machine learning
  • E.G.S Energetic Geo-intelligence SoundWaves
  • No cables and other disturbing accessories.
  • Wireless transmission both for pre-training and training of intelligent frequencies.
  • Artificial Intelligence (Ai) update coming in 2020
  • Egin-Ready: Compatible with our EGIN Network (Energetic Global Intelligence Network) release in 2020
  • Bluetooth connection with the software

Join Nexus Infinity.

Joining Nexus Infinity

Whenever you buy a Nexus Infinity, you become part of a network of professionals.
You get the best in class support from technicians to professional trainers to get you started and when you are using the Nexus Infinity on a daily basis.

Improving your skills

When you become part of  Nexus Infinity you get a complimentary 2 to 4 hour training with a professional trainer where you learn the ins and outs of the Nexus Infinity. You will learn how to train your clients and create your own specific training but also what to do in common situations.

Extensive support and updates

After your training, you will be able to work with the power of Nexus Infinity. And this is only the beginning, as part of Nexus Infinity you will enjoy free updates, free fixes of any software bugs and direct support for specific questions when needed with one of our professionals.

Become part of something great.

Compatible with EGIN

(Energetic Global Intelligence Network).

Extend the possibilities of your Nexus Infinity with EGIN
and start scanning and training clients anywhere in the world.
(More information coming soon, release 2020).


Contact Nexus Infinity for more information.

Our Nexus Infinity Sales and therapist network is growing rapidly.

If you are a therapist or sales representative please contact us for more information about the Nexus Infinity.

If you want to order the Nexus Infinity, please click here.

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